how the server will work

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how the server will work Empty how the server will work

Post  gondorfarts on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:45 pm

originaly i was planning on letting u people into the server through hamachi turns out hamachi isnt the best way soon i will be releasing the server files so admins can work on it i may also send it to some moderators the key is that 2 people cannot run the server at the same time (i think) but once i get my computer i will be able to setup port forwarding and that will allow us to just connect to a ip address(like normal servers) and remember it takes a lot of power on the computer to run the server(it is not advised to run minecraft and server from same computer but i dont care) also you will need google drive ( not have websites ) to run the server and once you get it send me a pm with ur username for that

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